Battle of Beth Zur

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Battle of Beth Zur
Part of the Maccabean Revolt
Beit Sur1.jpg
The Ruins of Beth Zur, Early 20th century
Date164 BC[1]
near Beth Zur, just north of Hebron
Result Decisive Jewish victory
Maccabean rebels Seleucid army
Commanders and leaders
Judah Maccabee Lysias
10,000 20,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 300 Chariots and 22 War elephants
Casualties and losses
Unknown 5,000

The Battle of Beth Zur was fought between the Maccabees led by Judah Maccabee and a Seleucid Greek army led by Viceroy Lysias in 164 BC.[1] Maccabee won the battle, and was able to recapture Jerusalem soon after. The Jews did not fight in open terrain, instead they used guerrilla and hit and run tactics to slowly beat back the Seleucid army and eventually rout it.

According to 1 Enoch chapters 83-90 (the Animal Apocalypse), the battle was joined on the side of the Maccabees by an angel who had been recording the event. [2]


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Coordinates: 31°35′22″N 35°05′39″E / 31.5894°N 35.0942°E / 31.5894; 35.0942